Cash and Jewelry Stolen From Ridgecrest Home

The following blotter items range from November 20, 2012 – November 26, 2012. Information on arrests is supplied by the Shoreline Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction.

On Monday, November 26th, Officer Susan Sherwood filed an incident report after working with a woman (victim) in the 15500 block of 9th Ave NE.  The victim left her home on November 21st to go to her daughter’s home, a ferryboat ride away.  Upon her return, the woman discovered her house ransacked by a suspect who stole jewelry and money.  The suspect put a chair against a wall below a bathroom window then used a pry tool to open the window and crawled into the home. 

November 20

VANDALISM:  Culprit(s) participated in some form of reckless burning in the men’s room at Hamlin Park, 16006 – 15th Ave NE.  In addition, there were new tags on the exterior of the women’s restroom.  The tags created with yellow, black and pink (flammable) spray paint included “SUNDAY MVS, SINISTER, DUBK and DARKSIDE.” 

FRAUD:  A customer of Chuck Olsen Chevrolet (17037 Aurora Ave North) ordered parts for delivery.  The customer paid with a check from a closed account. 

SEX OFFENDER REGISTRATION:  A level 2, male offender from the 16000 block of 8th Ave NE registered a change of address.  The man was convicted of a 1995 rape in King County.  Work was in progress to determine which officer would manage monitoring the man.

ATTEMPTED SUICIDE:  A man in the 20000 block of 21st Ave NE was involuntarily admitted for cutting himself.

November 24

LARCENY at MEADOWBROOK APARTMENTS:  A woman (victim) in the 1400 block of NW Richmond Beach Road allowed two house-guests (suspects) to live with her and her teenage son.  The suspects lived with the woman from July to September of this year because they had no place else to go.  The suspects stole the Xbox and pawned it.  The victim picked up the items and did not wish to prosecute.

November 25

DUI:  A suspect was driving drunk in the 14800 block of 5th Ave NE at roughly 2:30am.  The suspect was doing 42 mph in a 35 mph zone and crossing over double yellow lines to turn into oncoming traffic.  The suspect was eventually arrested for drunken driving and blew a .198.

CRIMINAL WARRANT, MISDEMEANOR:  A suspect was found with outstanding warrants in a private residence in the 17800 block of Wayne Ave North.

November 26

DRIVING WHILE LICENSE REVOKED:  A woman was pulled over by police in the 15200 block of Aurora Ave North due to an equipment violation.  She was ultimately arrested for driving while her license was revoked. Her car was impounded by Jim’s Towing, Northgate.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON:  A person with four outstanding warrants was found at Shoreline Condos in the 20300 block of 19th Ave NE.

VANDALISM:  A commercial building in the 900 block of N 185th Street was tagged.

FAMILY DISTURBANCE:  An incident report was taken at The Shoreline Police Department due to a “messy break up.”

THEFT: A U-Haul box trailer was taken and never returned to the U-Haul Rental Office at 16503 Aurora Ave North.

FRAUD:  A victim (The Weatherly Condos: 1500 block of NE 175th Street) received a phone call from a man (suspect) who identified himself as an employee of Universal Credit Company.  The man said that he was collecting on an $800 loan that was taken out against the victim.  The victim is willing to assist in prosecution.

MENTAL COMPLAINTS:  A person was at the YMCA (19290 Aurora Ave North) when he/she had an episode that is related to Schizo-affective disorder with a potential to be violent.

ATTEMPTED SUICIDE:  A person in the 16300 block of Interlake Ave North called 911 after taking an unknown amount of pills.  The person was transported to NW Hospital.

DRIVING WHILE LICENSE REVOKED & MORE:  A man who was driving nearby Hamlin Park (16006 – 15th Ave NE) was stopped by a police officer.  The officer found out the man was driving with a revoked license and without his interlock device.  This was compounded by the fact that the man lied about his name and had a meth pipe in the car with him.


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