UPDATE: Adult Cousin Attacked by Individual Suffering from Manic, Schizophrenic Episodes

The following blotter items range from September 14, 2012 – September 18, 2012. Information on arrests is supplied by the Shoreline Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction.

On the evening of September 18th, a person in the 7000 block of NE 189th Street attacked an adult cousin during a manic/schizophrenic episode.  The adult cousin was injured as a result of the attack.

The female suspect was involuntarily committed because she was a danger to herself/others and cited  for investigation of Assault 4th DV into Shoreline Court. The prosecutor will review the case and make the final charging decision, said Sgt. Katie Larson. 

September 14

TRESPASS:  Two staff members and an entire cross country team from Einstein Middle School saw some people smoking marijuana in Hillwood Park.  The park is adjacent to Einstein Middle School.  The school is at 19343 3rd NW.

September 15

LARCENY:  A white male, 28 years old with medium build walked around The Radio Shack store (18407 Aurora Ave N) for roughly half an hour before grabbing an “amp” with his hands.  He left the premises in a motor vehicle.

September 16

DUI:  A person was driving while drunk in the 18700 block of Springdale Place.  This person was arrested and had a blood alcohol level of .164.

INDECENT LIBERTIES: A man on a bus nearby North 183rd Street and Aurora Ave North groped a victim.  The victim described the man as black, unshaven with missing front teeth.

LARCENY:  A woman parked her car in the 15400 block of 1st Ave NE and went to Twin Ponds Park for a soccer game.  When she returned, she found her car window smashed and items taken from the car.

September 17

BURGLARY:  A woman in the 4000 block of N 156th Place put out a rug on her back porch to dry.  When she came back inside her home, she did not lock the sliding door.  After a night’s sleep, she found out that someone had entered her home and took items.

COMMERCIAL BURGLARY:  Northwest Church at 15555 – 45th Ave NE was robbed for the third time in three months.  A suspect(s) used a shim instrument to make entry into the church and various offices.  The suspect(s) stole items from desks.

September 18

SEXUAL OFFENDER REGISTRATION:  A sex offender registered a change of address in May 2012.  The sex offender was convicted of Child Molestation 3 in Cowlitz County in 2006.  The police compiled information for risk level assessment of this sex offender.

MENTAL COMPLAINTS: A man in the 1800 block of NE Serpentine Place greatly concerned his family members when he became out of control.  The man was delusional and combative according to the police.  He was involuntarily transported to a hospital.

LARCENY:  Someone stole an iPod from a victim at Shorewood High School, 17300 Fremont Ave North.

LARCENY at YMCA:  A person left some personal items in an unlocked locker inside the men’s locker room.  Someone took the items while the person was working out.  This happened at 19290 Aurora Ave N.

MORE LARCENY at YMCA:  Another person left their material items in an unlocked men’s locker.  The value of the property stolen exceeded $250.

MENTAL COMPLAINTS:  A woman was off her medication and depressed.   She cut her wrists “to feel better” according to police reports.  This happened in the 15700 block of Meridian Ave.

OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER:  Two people were in Paramount Park (NE 155th Street and 8th Ave NE) after dark.  When confronted by police, the two individuals ran away.

MORE TROUBLE AT PARAMOUNT PARK:  There was an alleged fight and other disturbance between two people.

Tu-Ha Nguyen September 26, 2012 at 10:43 PM
Dear Editor: Thank you for your update on the feature story. Thanks also to Sgt. K. Larson of Shoreline P.D.


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