A Neighbor's Perspective of the Seattle Police Chase That Ended in North City Last Week

Dog alerted Hugo Kim of police activity outside his house

On Oct. 29, Seattle Police chased a stolen car with two men inside from the 1000 block of 120th St. in north Seattle. The chase ended in Shoreline near 175th St. and 15th Ave. N.E. in North City.

Two men got out of the car and began running. Police blocked off streets and officers had guns drawn while looking for suspects, KIRO-TV reported.

The driver of the car was caught and taken into custody by police.

Shoreline Police also responded to the call as well as a King County K-9 unit and helicopter.

Patch asked several questions of a neighbor, Hugo Kim, who witnessed the police activity last Monday afternoon.

How did you realize something was going on and their was police activity in your yard?  

I was at home and my dog started barking notifying me of activity outside the house.  

How did you react? 

I first looked out our large front window since our dog barked and noticed a police officer standing at the entrance of our driveway though I heard no sirens.  Out of curiosity I went outside to inquire and saw several police vehicles and heard a helicopter approach from overhead.  I tried approaching the police officer to ask what was happening but was promptly told to return to my house and keep my dog inside.  From that point I stayed inside the house and notified my wife who was at work.

Did you see the men?

No, I did not see the suspects

Did you see an arrest made, K-9 unit, helicopter and the like.
I did not see the arrest but I did see several police officers from various units like SWAT and canine as they circled the house and my neighbor’s yard looking for the suspects,. The SWAT carried what appeared to be an assault rifle.

What did the police tell you?

I only had that one interaction but my wife (Lauren Brown) returned home from work during the ordeal and mentioned having to park at the Safeway at 175th due to it still being blocked by police vehicles upon her arrival.  She was escorted to the house by an officer who at that time told her that our house was “clear.”  The escorting officer informed her at the time that one suspect was caught but did not say what actually happened. 

Any other details of note?

Once things settled down and the street unblocked they continued searching my neighbors back yard with a canine unit for at least another hour.  Overall from start to finish it was about a three-hour ordeal.

Don November 05, 2012 at 06:01 PM
Wow. Seems like such a production for one stolen car. Guess they have nothing better to do. Tax dollars at work.
shawn schillinger November 05, 2012 at 09:10 PM
As long as it wasnt your car that was stolen
Don November 05, 2012 at 11:02 PM
Wish it was. I need the money more than a car.


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