Where We Live: To-Do List

What's coming in 2013

Where We Live: To-do List ©2012 Larry Lewis

Christmas is over and you thought you could slow down? Ohhhh no, we have all of next year to consider! Most columns would use this slot for a year-end wrap-up or a top ten list, but I’d rather look forward to 2013, so here goes.

A few days ago Patch’s Margaret Santjer previewed new laws coming online. My favorite of these is the increase in garbage fees. No, no kidding. Indeed, I’d support it being much higher to fund a facility to process all our garbage here- recycling, reusing, composting! Such a fee structure would also encourage the other side of the triangle -reducing- and saves huge amounts of greenhouse gas emissions just shipping all that trash to eastern Washington and Oregon’s valleys. 

What can we expect from Shoreline?

First up, your Christmas tree can be recycled at the event January 6 at the Meridian Park Elementary School parking lot starting at 3:00 PM. Just be sure to bring nothing but the tree (no tinsel, hooks, and what-all).

The Planning and Community Development Department has lots of plans (who’d’a thunk it?!), including the Capital Improvement plan, which will help the Thornton Creek watershed. A lot more needs doing--including remaking the creek’s crossing of I-5 so salmon can fill their complete range--but this is a start.

The Park at Town Center won’t get its intended improvement--no budget for it--but "wait ‘til next year."

Comprehensive Plan updates are always under way, and amendments are always being solicited.

The Aurora Corridor Project is rolling into its last segment, from N 192nd St to N 205th St. We’ve all had the chance to see for ourselves how much better the road is now in its other segments. Construction is expected to begin in a week or three, so those so inclined can be peeved about it for the next year or so.  Also on Aurora, Metro’s Rapid Ride E Line is still taking public comment through spring and service will commence this September!

Shoreline’s next planning commission meetings are scheduled for January 3 –Commercial Design Standards--and January 17 –Zoning Consolidation--in the City Council Chambers at City Hall.

North City is getting a huge new residential development off NE 175th St. and other projects are about to break ground around the city.

Sound Transit’s Link Light Rail Lynnwood Extension line continues, with “Draft EIS & Advanced Conceptual Engineering” continuing through “late 2013”. And Shoreline is starting its design process for the stations and their vicinities. “City staff will begin the station area planning (surrounding land use and development standards) in Spring 2013. The City will focus first on the NE 185th St. area and then second on the station either at NE 155th or NE 145th.”

Lake Forest Park’s Comp Plan is up for review and amendment, too, and the window is open right now. The deadline for public comment is February 7. Be sure to use the Amendment form and follow the legal guidelines.

One of the year's better results may be the rebirth of Tully’s Coffee, if actor Patrick Dempsey has his way (go Patrick!)


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