Letter to the Editor: Prop. 1: A Goal Without a Plan is not a Basis for a Business Decision

A Proposition One debate took place at the 32nd District Democrats meeting at the Masonic Lodge off Linden and N.W. 185th Street in Shoreline last Wednesday night.

To the editor:

A Proposition One debate took place at the 32nd District Democrats meeting at the Masonic Lodge off Linden and NW 185th Street in Shoreline last Wednesday night.

The scope of the debate could be summed up in an exchange that took place between two observers, Pat Weber, Precinct Committee Officer, and Mayor Keith McGlashan who recently joined the 32nd District.

Listening to the debate Pat said, “Proposition one is like me buying a size six dress with no plan for diet or exercise and expecting to fit into it.”

McGlashan in good humor responded, “It’s a great goal!” to which Pat replied, “Yes but a goal without a plan is not a basis for a business decision.”

The “Goal without a plan” referred to statements made by John Behrens of Shoreline Citizens for Good Government recounting that the management “plan” consists of two ideas. One is to hire Seattle Public Utilities to continue to run the system after purchase, (Doesn’t that sound like we will be spending a lot of money to keep the status quo?) and the other is to hire two people to job shadow SPU for two years prior to the purchase.

After the debate the 32nd District considered whether to endorse a position against or in support of Proposition One. The vote was 20 to 19 against Proposition One, however the bylaws require a 60 percent vote to endorse so the motion did not pass. 

Councilmember Will Hall spoke with all the passion and flair of a seasoned politician in favor of Proposition One equating it to making Shoreline a shining city unmatched by none. Though emotionally moving, just like the Proposition One itself, the speech lacked substance.

For more substance on the issue itself go to http://noblankcheck.nationbuilder.com

Wendy DiPeso

Shoreline Citizens for Good Government


Karen Easterly-Behrens October 15, 2012 at 09:42 PM
One of the many reasons people move to Shoreline is for our excellent schools. It is worth note that our school district is a Special Purpose District like Ronald Waste Water, Shoreline Water District, and the Fire District. These are all independent publically financed entities which will disappear under the City of Shoreline's "Full Service City" concept. These can be thought of as independent banks we have all deposited funds in to assure maintenance and development as needed. The City stands perched with a hammer, ready to break open the bank. These are our funds, deposited for a purpose and held in trust. When speaking as to the "wonderful life" in Shoreline and referencing the School District etc. remember, it is you the citizens who did this,,,,,not the City.
Doris McConnell October 15, 2012 at 11:10 PM
Recap of that meeting by a supporter of Shoreline Prop 1: Unfortunately, the 32nd District Democrats, of which I am an elected Precinct Committee Officer, have historically opposed every Shoreline ballot measure and this night was supposed to be no different.Unfortunately for them, voting members who had long given up on this organization rallied Wednesday to stop the OPPOSITION motion from receiving the necessary votes, and succeeded.Finally, an endorsement of opposition to a Shoreline ballot measure did not get the 60% it needed to get the green light to be added to their SAMPLE BALLOT, which is sent out as a mailer to thousands of homes. There was no mention of the Pro Statement given by Chris Eggen or mention of members rudely interrupting him.It was not a pleasant evening, but the vote was worth showing up.They cannot use their financial and human resources to oppose this measure. The voters will have to do their own due diligence by reviewing the ballot measure and going to both websites (LocalControlForShoreline.org) . Progress and change is difficult because there is the element of the unknown. Change by its nature is moving toward a new and untried path. Fortunately Shoreline embraces change. "If it's not broken, don't fix it," is not always a good thing... That's been SPU's maintenance plan for us. Now we have our first and maybe only opportunity in the foreseeable future to get out from under them.I no longer choose to be their "profit center".
Tom Jamieson October 16, 2012 at 12:15 AM
"One of the strongest factors of social stability is the inertness, nay, rather active hostility, with which human societies receive all new ideas. It is the crucible in which the dross is separated from the genuine metal, and which saves the body-social from a succession of unprofitable and possibly injurious experimental variations." --Karl Pearson, The Grammar of Science, 1892 "...some people don't like change,...we'll hold your hand for the change." -- Shoreline City Councilmember Doris McConnell, June 11, 2012. Shoreline can and should take its time in making such an important decision. The touted 10 years has not been due diligence so much as inertia. The City of Shoreline tried in 2011 to bypass the voters by changing state law (HB1407). They did this off-dais, off video, off-mic at a dinner meeting. Their plot was exposed and the offending legislation nixed. Subsequently a tentative agreement between the City of Shoreline and the City of Seattle, which ultimately led to Proposition 1, was reached on November 9, 2011. The subsequent rush, lack of an application process for appointment to a citizens committee, and lack of due diligence by that committee and by the City's staff, came about because of 2 immovable objects: 1. The November 2012 election. 2. The end of Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn's current term It is my hope that the irresistible force of the citizens' desire for open government will knock Proposition 1 off its feet of clay.
Janet Way October 16, 2012 at 04:53 PM
I must point out that Doris McConnel's statement about the 32nd District Democrats is inaccurate. She states "(32nd District Democrats)... have historically opposed every Shoreline ballot measure and this night was supposed to be no different.Unfortunately for them,". This is a completely misleading statement. I personally know that the Democrats have embraced several Shoreline measures, such as the 2006 Parks Bond. We voted to endorse this measure wholeheartedly. (And I might add, that I do not recall Councilmember McConnell endorsing it or working for its passage and many of us did.) The rules for endorsement require a 60% margin, and so this matter did not quite receive the required number of votes. But, there was a substantial support for the NO position in that vote at the district meeting. Shoreline voters do embrace change often, but they are also thoughtful and independent and the Prop 1 measure deserves a great deal of scrutiny, because of potential impacts to our pocketbooks, level of services, and impacts to other Special Purpose Districts which have provided excellent service for many decades. Shoreline voters should think very carefully before they vote on this matter.
Karen Easterly-Behrens October 17, 2012 at 12:36 AM
Ms McConnell continues to be who she is. She presents and unflattering picture of herself as well as the Shoreline citizens she purports to represent. Public discourse is a matter of public thought not blind obedience to those who feel they know what is best for us. Ms McConnell, I do not need you to hold my hand, I do however need you to to respect that I fundamentally disagree with you and I have this right. The city does a great disservice choosing an option that enriches the City's coffers at the expense of the rate payers. Here we will always disagree....Water, a fundamental basic for life should not be taxed. This is the destination we should be heading in order to elevate and care for our fellow citizens.


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