Bites Nearby: Gabriel's Fire Serves Up Authentic Barbeque in the North End

Situated just north of Shoreline on 244th St. S.W. in Mountlake Terrace, the Slimp brothers recently moved from the restaurant here from Ballard

If you are a fan of barbeque and work in downtown Seattle or Bellevue, you have options. If you live in Shoreline, Lake Forest Park, Edmonds, or Mountlake Terrace, you don’t – that is, you didn’t … until now.

Co-owners Monty and Gabe Slimp have brought an authentic, multi-regional, family-oriented barbeque concept to south Mountlake Terrace/ north Shoreline.

What you will find at Gabriel’s Fire, may not be the standard barbeque fare to which you’ve become accustomed in the Seattle area; but if you are content with a single sauce choice that ranges simply from regular to hot, you may be disappointed.

Gabriel’s Fire provides selections for even the most discriminating barbeque connoisseur: from Kansas City to the Carolina-style, to the spicy southwest and the even Caribbean, Gabe and Monty Slimp deliver sauces – all made from scratch – from virtually every barbeque tradition in the northern hemisphere.

Try the Traditional KC Style or Carolina Vinegar Style for a regional take on the classics, or the Teriyaki, Southwest Chipotle, Thai BBQ or Earl’s Corona sauce, the latter naturally sweetened with honey; or for the more daring try The Diablo, Jamacian Jerk, or The XXX – all habanero sauces – or even The Fallen, which combines habanero and ghost chili peppers for a unique, fiery experience. Whether you choose their succulent brisket, juicy pork, or tender chicken, Gabriel’s Fire enables you to select one of 10 home-made sauces to impart the regional flavor (and spice level) you desire.

Even without sauce, the meat served at Gabriel’s Fire is without peer. Each cut is selected from local producers and is guaranteed to be free of preservatives, antibiotics, and hormones. This quality is the trademark of what Gabe and Monty provide to each person who visits their restaurant.

“We strive to offer the highest quality food, service, and dining experience,” says co-owner Monty Slimp. “Our mission is to have our family serving your family with the highest quality food in a family-friendly environment.”

Gabe and Monty bring to their new Mountlake Terrace location a tradition of excellence started in their Ballard restaurant. After four years there, with a growing and loyal community following, electrical issues in their old building forced the brothers to seek a new location. Ballard’s loss is the North End’s gain.

Gabe and Monty Slimp attacked their new building with the same relentless pursuit of perfection for which their award-winning food is known. The inside of Gabriel’s Fire was completely remodeled by the same hands that painstakingly prepare and serve each dish therein. From the new floor and hand-built bar to the redone walls and décor – complete with original artwork from local artists – each detail of the Gabriel’s Fire experience conforms to the vision and personal pride of the brothers Slimp.

Once inside, each visitor to Gabriel’s Fire is greeted and served by at least one of the owners, usually Monty – though Gabe, the master of the kitchen, can often be seen roaming the dining room to ensure the expectations of hungry patrons have been exceeded. And the real crown jewel of the Gabriel’s Fire experience is the exceptional cuisine. Though known for their traditional barbeque staples – such as brisket, ribs, and sandwiches – Gabriel’s Fire offers provides a smoked component throughout their menu, including barbeque-infused options such as Smoked Chicken Alfredo, Blackened Catfish, and a Black Angus Brisket Italiano, the latter served over penne pasta and a home-made marinara sauce.

Regardless of the menu option selected, the locally procured beef, pork, and chicken is all smoked on-site using a whole-log mix of the finest woods, while the vegetables are selected exclusively from local growers, when in season.

Even the wine and beer selections available at Gabriel’s Fire represent the best of local vendors. On-tap beers served over the hand-built bar come from local brewers in Edmonds and Mountlake Terrace, with more to come.

The entire Gabriel’s Fire experience is built upon a foundation of local spirit, family pride, a passion for excellence and the feeling that in a community, people care about other people. For Gabe and Monty Slimp, that desire to share their passion is not a marketing slogan; it’s a philosophy that supports everything they do. When Monty Slimp says, “come to Gabriel’s Fire and have a good time,” he doesn’t ask you to simply swing in, eat, and leave; he’s offering you a unique, local restaurant where you can leave the stresses and calamity of today’s world behind for a time and be welcomed to dine, and relax, as part of the family.  

If dining-in is not an option, you can still enjoy Gabriel’s Fire cuisine as take-out, and call ahead for maximum convenience. If you would like to have a catered barbeque experience for your friends and family, the brothers at Gabriel’s Fire can accommodate you there as well.

Regardless of how you choose to experience the newest and most authentic high-quality barbeque in the north end, Gabe and Monty Slimp hope that Gabriel’s Fire becomes a place where you can come and feel like family.

Gabriel’s Fire is located at 5803 244th St. SW. in Mountlake Terrace.

Check them out on the web at GabrielsFire.com, http://www.gabrielsfire.com/, or on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gabriels-Fire/118415671503710

Tu-Ha Nguyen December 30, 2011 at 11:54 AM
Thank you for the good information. Will have to try this place out. Spicy and hot are great! Sometimes a person is not happy until they are crying after a meal. :-)
one opinion December 31, 2011 at 09:06 PM
Review. The parking lot was full, but there are several parking spots on the first street to the east, and the owner embedded many large stepping stones as a sort of "breadcrumbs" to their restaurant. However, their lot being full meant there were no seats, but fortunately there wasn't a long wait. It was far longer waiting for our order to be taken, as there are only 2 employees, multi-tasking: covering tables and the bar, cooking, cleanup, etc. The long intervals didn't change, even as the restaurant gradually emptied: between taking our order and getting our food, picking up our empties and getting our dessert order, and we got tired of waiting, so went to the front to get our bill...by then an empty restaurant! One must also beware of the spiciness of the food, and it's up to you to evaluate that by what spice(s) is in their default description for each item, referring to the list of sauces elsewhere on the menu-there's no indication next to the entree itself-or to ask the server. It's important to note the fine print that you can substitute the sauces, which we did, but we missed this for one of the things we ordered, and it was so hot to be inedible. Customers don't tend to return in this situation. The edible items were good, but not overly filling.
James DuBois January 01, 2012 at 08:45 PM
Rebuttal; A full parking lot indicates a full restaurant. A full restaurant indicates a level of satisfyied patrons. "Civic interests "gives no indication of what time of day Gabriels Fire was visited. During lunch and dinner rushes it would not be uncommon to wait for a table or for service to be a bit slower. A small restaurant where the Chef (cook) is also involved in directly serving the meal could be considered charming, a more personal touch. A touch you will not get at any chain restaurants that are so prevalent in the area. Nothing is mentioned of the ambience, the expressions of local artists displayed in the neighborhood in which they are created. The spice issue is subjective, each person has their own thresh hold. If the ingredients are listed, that is fair, a little conversation with the server pre order would be a great way to ensure your thresh hold is not exceeded. Waiting for food in a small local restaurant is the time for beverages and conversation, to people watch and take in some of the local flavor. Its quaint, charming, there is no drive through, no happy meal, no supersize. It is a family run barbeque joint, the kind you root for, that you hope gains a following, gets a foothold, becomes a mainstay in the area. As for the edible items were good, it speaks for its self. Not overly filling? Did you need to be overfilled? In your other archived comments you will find the words; hate,dislike,no, cant and fail, within the first few sentences. Nuff said.


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