A new Patch Blog: First Light, Sept. 11

First Light Visions. A photographic glimpse of Shoreline at first light, and a retrospective glimpse of America on this day, September 11, 2012.

First Light.

September 11.

And my first blog post for Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Patch. The sun is hitting my computer screen, reflecting scenery like a mirror. As I write, I glimpse the forest behind me, superimposed on my electronic words. Good. Just the right effect. A montage of words and visuals. Perfect for a sometimes writer, sometimes filmmaker, journalist and community activist.

Oh, and did I mention I’m an intuitive reader who glimpses “other worlds.”

As I write, the original 9-11 footage is on television. They’re color shots, but look like a sepia washout.  Pale dust, smoke, soot thick in the air – all shades of one hue. Lots of memories are flooding back for me. Like the stories I heard later from New Yorkers, stories of their own experiences on that grisly day. 

Courageous stories, as well. Remember the airline passenger who helped thwart an attack on the White House?  Then there were stories of incredible sharing, of reaching out.  Of a world brought together by tragedy, as never before.

We did that in Seattle, too. Reached out.

On the night of September 11, we held a memorial for peace at the Kirsten Art Gallery. The event debuted the Co-Opportunities Festival, which convened at the Seattle Center that October.

Weeks before, I’d gotten the intuitive message to hold an early Co-Opportunities event for world peace. I consulted my guidance. The proposed date was clear. September 11. 

That evening, we symbolically lit a candle from the World Peace Torch, originally begun in Wales before making its way around the globe. Our one flame lit several more candles.

I wasn’t the only one with a vision interwoven with that fated day. I compared notes with other intuitive people around the world. A Welsh man, also clairvoyant, woke hours before 9-11 from a nightmare. He had been saving hundreds of souls, catching them in his arms. “Something tragic is about to happen in America,” the man told his wife, upon awakening.

This story has a better ending. On May Day in spring 2011, the sun was out in Woodland Park. The crisp air felt good. But it wasn’t just the weather. Something else felt positive, as if a huge dark shadow had been suddenly lifted.

“It’s like the world was before 9-11,” I said to my friend Lynn. Within the hour, the news broke that Osama bin Laden had just been killed.

A good moment.

Here’s to more good moments. On that very subject, I hope you enjoy a few photographs of Shoreline today.  Good moments, caught at Ronald Bog Park at first light.

In future posts, I hope to share more. Check out my video post of Shoreline-Lake Forest Park neighbors watching the Democratic Convention at Shoreline’s Obama headquarters. A great example of local civics.

The theme of this blog is “inspired living.”

Next up: How an inspired Shoreline artist is changing her community.

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