POLL: Why Did You Move to Shoreline?

Was it the schools? The natural beauty? Tell us in the comments.

Noted for its schools, trees, views of the Sound and cohesive neighborhoods, and regarded as more affordable than Seattle, Shoreline has been a desirable place to live in and move to for decades.

The city has been honored as Seattle's "Best Neighborhood" twice by Seattle Magazine, even though the Shoreline itself boasts at least 14 neighborhoods within its own borders.

Shoreline has been incorporated since 1995, and while many residents moved here prior to that, many thousands more have moved here since it has been a city.

So, tell us Shoreline residents, what prompted you to rent or buy a home here?

Did you move here for the strong reputation of the public schools? 

Was it the central location near Seattle and I-5 and Snohomish County to the north?

Did you get a job or promotion and feel Shoreline was the ideal place to settle down?

Was it the trees and greenery or the unique neighborhoods like Richmond Beach or Ridgecrest? 

Or did you buy a home on the Sound for the beautiful views?

Did you grow up here and decide to stay?

Certainly, there are dozens more reasons why you chose to live here, so tell us in the comments below and vote in our poll. 


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