Northern Lights Show Could Happen Tonight

A solar explosion has created a wave of solar particles headed toward Earth that could create a light show tonight.

We could be in for another northern lights show tonight.

SPACE.com is reporting via The Huffington Post that a huge explosion on the sun last week has sent a wave of solar particles headed to Earth, which could create a solar northern lights show tonight.

The website Spaceweather.com, which chronicles solar weather and other celestial events, reported today that the CME should reach Earth Monday and deliver a "glancing blow" to our planet's magnetic field.

The interaction of the charged particles and Earth's upper atmosphere could create dazzling northern lights displays overnight on Monday and Tuesday (Oct. 8 and 9) over the planet's polar regions.

(Click here to read the full report from the Huffington Post)

If you happen to catch a glimpse of the light show tonight, snap a photo and upload it here by clicking the "Upload Photos & Videos" button below the media gallery on Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Patch.


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