Bites Nearby - Ichi Bento

Japanese comfort food

Sure they have sushi…but you can get that in most grocery stores in Shoreline and Lake Forest Park. And there are even some of the most popular Chinese selections – Kung Pao Chicken, Mongolian Beef, Almond Chicken ($7.99) and Fried Rice ($5.69 - $6.59), but again you can find that most anywhere.

Where Ichi Bento shines is in their offerings in traditional Japanese comfort foods served with soul satisfying miso soup.

On those classically cool Northwest evenings nothing beats the U-Don noodles to warm your core ($6.19 - $6.39). This dish incorporates thick wheat-flour noodles swimming in a soul satisfying broth with veggies, chicken or Tempura crowning the dish.

When the belly is growling select the Yakisoba. The filling fried noodles are slightly singed to coax out a mysterious smoky hint, then served with a choice of chicken, beef, tofu and shrimp or simply a crunchy selection of vegetables ($7.29 - $7.99).

Of course there are Gyoza dumplings ($6.19) that can serve as a starter, side or snack; Prawn and Vegetable Tempura ($8.49, $7.99); and kid-size portions of simply prepared chicken or beef offered with an Egg Roll or Gyoza ($4.49).

And for an entrée there is Chicken Katsu, Japanese-style fried chicken ($6.99), or Beef Short Ribs ($8.99).

Should you be unable to make up your mind, opt for the bento side of the menu. Here the classics, teriyaki and chicken katsu are paired with tempura and a California Roll ($9.39 - $9.69) for a complete meal deal.


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