Frankensalmon? Several Grocery Chains Reportedly Say They Won't Sell It

A report on seattlepi.com says several grocery chains -- including three with stores near Shoreline and Lake Forest Park -- have agreed not to sell genetically engineered Atlantic salmon, which are nearing federal approval.


Several grocery chains have reportedly agreed not to sell genetically engineered salmon as the fish near approval by the Food and Drug Administration, reports seattlepi.com.

A coalition of environmental and consumer groups announced Wednesday they have secured promises from several grocery chains not to carry the fish -- often called "Frankenfish" or "Frankensalmon" -- including Trader Joe’s, PCC Natural Markets and Whole Foods in Washington.

None of those three is actually in Shoreline or Lake Forest Park, but there are Trader Joe's and Whole Foods stores in Lynnwood (19500 Aurora Avenue and 2800 196th Street SW respectively) and a PCC in Edmonds (9803 Edmonds Way).

The genetically engineered fish are from AquaBounty Technologies of Massachusetts, which says they grow twice as fast as natural salmon but are safe, sustainable and in all other respects “identical to other Atlantic salmon.”

If approved they would be the first transgenic animal to enter America’s food supply. They have received preliminary federal approval, with a public comment period open until April 26.

For the seattlepi.com story, click here.

Don March 22, 2013 at 12:44 AM
If it looks like salmon, smells like salmon and tastes like salmon I'm all for it. The only reason these stores might not want it is somehow it cuts into their profits margins. Frankly I wish they'd engineer them to be square to fit on a normal piece of bread.


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