Bites Nearby: Black Pearl

They deliver

For more than 20 years Black Pearl has served the Wedgwood neighborhood. When the restaurant opened in Shoreline a number of years ago there was jubilation. A road-tested classic Chinese spot had opened….and they deliver!

Yes, Black Pearl offers residents of Shoreline and Lake Forest Park free delivery with a $10 or more order. From Hot and Sour Soup to Fortune Cookies, an entire hot meal is delivered to your door snow or shine, a viable alternative to pizza. Maybe that is why the dining room is often so quiet.

Black Pearl has built its business at both locations by producing huge portions of MSG-free food, choice cuts of meat lightly sauced. They have also presented lots of vegetarian dishes; so many the palate won’t weary.

Two of the best representations of the meatless wonders are the Almond Cranberry Tofu ($9.50) and the Spicy Tofu with Eggplant ($9.50).

The noodle dishes, without or with meat, are a signature classic as the noodles are hand rolled, freshly made and hand cut then served with vegetables and seafood or meat ($9.95-$10.95/side orders $5.25) as you choose.

Pancakes, served with the Mu Shu Pork ($11.25), are also house made.

For those who lament over the Trader Vic’s Crab Rangoon, Black Pear’s Crab & Cream Cheese Wontons ($7.25) should bring back memories. A more updated Soft Wontons in Spicy Peanut Sauce ($7.25) delivers 8 pork or vegetable-stuffed noodles to whet the appetite.

Other classics Special Fried Rice ($8.95) and Hot & Sour Soup ($1.75-$6.25) have proven to be inconsistent over time, and may not always deliver on the food, but hey….they do deliver to your door.

Tana March 25, 2011 at 03:06 PM
Glad to see this article! My family has loved the food from Black Pearl in Shoreline for years! Our favorite is the homemade noodles! You're right about the inconsistency, especially when it is being delivered, but for the most part good stuff! Oh- and willing to accommodate special requests. I love the almond fried chicken, but don't like the gravy. They give us a side of sweet & sour sauce instead. : )


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