The "Harlem Shake" Hits Shoreline

The "Harlem Shake" seems to have headed to Kings High School this week.

The "Harlem Shake" seems to have headed to King's High School this week. In this tongue-in-cheek James Bond-style promo video by some students, the last bit is a hilarious version of the YouTube craze (the penultimate moment begins at 2 minutes, 5 seconds into the video).

What is the Harlem Shake, you ask. Well, it's not the dance that you think. It's not even a particular dance, really.

It's more of a YouTube craze that's infectious. Basically, it involves an electronic song of the same name that was produced by Baauer. It starts with one person dancing, then, when the bass drops in typical electronic fashion, a number of people just, well, dance. Some are more, um, "gyrating" than others, but you get the point.

The trend is popular. Check that. It's invading YouTube, where 44 million such videos have been uploaded, and 4,000 are popping up each day. They're popping up everywhere in pop culture too. Take this example of "The Daily Show" giving its rendition.

And if you do your own search, know that some videos probably aren't suitable for younger users, even though, ironically, they are the ones posting these videos.

The craze has been controversial. In New York, about a dozen members of a high school hockey team were suspended off for their rendition of the video, according to New York Newsday.

What do you make of this latest Internet craze? Tell us in comments.


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