Reckless Driver Causes Chaos at Cemetery, Sideswipes Car in Escape

The following blotter items range from November 5, 2012 – November 11, 2012. Information on arrests is supplied by the Lake Forest Park Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction.

On Monday, November 5th, a hit and run incident occurred in the 14900 block of Bothell Way NE.  A possible DUI call came into 911 dispatchers at approximately 7:48pm. Officers tried to pull the male suspect over but could not stop him.  The car was going westbound in the eastbound lanes.  Later, the white Cadillac was cornered by officers and came to park in the lot at Acacia Cemetery.  Officers put out nail strips at the entrance of the cemetery to stop the suspect.  The suspect got out, jumped the fence and got into another car. There was significant damage to the fence on the north side at the driveway because the suspect had driven across a portion of the cemetery. There is possible damage to the flat headstones.

RELATED TO T.A.H.R. ABOVE:  A man called police to say that a suspect who drove recklessly sideswiped his wife’s car.  The man said the suspect’s actions caused his wife to hit a barrier in the roadway.  Police confirmed that this was definitely related to T.A.H.R. at Acacia Cemetery as this happened minutes after the suspect fled from the cemetery and the vehicle described matched that of the suspect who fled.  The wife was struck from the side and behind by the suspect who fled SB on Bothell Way NE in a motor vehicle.

November 5

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES:  A woman in the 19200 block of 25th Ave NE called to say that a suspect was going through her barn and shed.  The suspect was described as a white man, with brown hair, glasses, black coat and jeans.  The woman’s husband kept the suspect at the scene while the police were en route.  The police arrived and took the man into custody and confirmed that the suspect had an outstanding felony warrant with Seattle PD.


Entries below with bullet points are burglaries for the listed date of November 5th. All entries are about someone calling the police to report a recent burglary. The limited information is what we have to report on as the Lake Forest Park PD redacted 99% of the details of each case.

  •  A woman in the 3300 block of NE 158th Street called 911 dispatchers at 2:10pm.  The police arrived at 2:17pm.
  • A woman in the 16000 block of 33rd Ave NE called dispatch at 4:19pm.
  • Another burglary happened in the same block number of 33rd Ave NE.
  • A man in the 15500 block of 33rd Ave NE reported a burglary.   The call came into 911 dispatchers at 3:44pm. 

THEFT:  A woman in the 16800 block of Bothell Way NE reported a theft at roughly 6:40pm.  No other information provided.

BURGLARY:  A man in the 16000 block of 37th Ave NE called into the 911 dispatchers at 7:55pm to report the crime.

November 6

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES:  A woman in the 2600 block of NE 195th Street received a suspicious call and believed it was a scam to get money.  A male suspect said he was her oldest grandson. The woman doesn’t have an "oldest grandson."  The suspect wanted money because he was injured in an accident in Honduras. The woman’s caller ID showed only the words “cell phone.”   The woman called the police back and said the subject called her back.  The police told the woman not to answer phone calls from unknown persons and asked her to notify the police if the suspect called back.  The suspect did not know the woman’s name or address.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES:  A person was in the 16000 block of 33rd Ave NE selling ADT alarm systems and services.  This is an area with recent burglaries.  The police advised the person of the soliciting law.  The person was agitated when police made contact. The homeowner was advised of the contact with person.

THEFT:  A man in the 16800 Bothell Way NE reported a theft at close to 4:00pm. All remaining info was redacted.

November 8

SUSPICIOUS:  A woman in the 16200 block of 37th Ave NE told police that today and yesterday she noticed a female suspect going house to house and lingering in people’s yards.  A female person was stopped and the police had a conversation with her. 

CITIZEN:  A man in the 17400 block of Ballinger Way NE called police to ask about options on reporting a theft.  He loaned his car out to his girlfriend a few days ago and could not reach her by phone.

November 9

SUSPICIOUS:  A woman in the 18400 block of 47th Pl NE called to say that a suspicious vehicle was driving slowly though the neighborhood for the last 30 minutes.  The officers contacted two men who claimed to be “looking” at a vacant house.  The police told them that they needed to contact the Realtor prior to looking at the house.

BURGLARY:  A person who lives in the 3500 block of NE 182nd Street called at roughly 5:33pm to report a burglary. 

DETAILED TRAFFIC STOP:  An incident happened in the 16500 block of Bothell Way NE.  A male driver was stopped for talking on a cell phone while driving.  The driver admitted to having a suspended license and drinking alcohol before getting behind the wheel of the car.  He blew a .175 in the field.  He was arrested for DUI and transported to the police department for processing.  He provided two additional breath samples (.134 / .131).  The man was processed, issued citations and transported to his residence where he was released.

November 10

SUSPICIOUS:  An officer went to a car parked in the 18200 block of 35th Ave NE.  While unoccupied, the car did have condensation on the inside, plus blankets and pillows.  In addition, a glass, smoking pipe was found on the front passenger seat.

ANIMAL:  A man was out jogging when he discovered two aggressive dogs nearby the 16500 block of Beach Dr NE.  One dog charged at the man but did not touch the man.  The dogs were not confined.  Police tried to find the owner of the dogs.

PROWLER:  A woman in the 16700 block of Shore Drive saw a young black man, clean shaven, “nice looking” at her back door.  He ran away when she came around the corner with her dogs. 

ASSIST:  A woman in the 18200 block of 30th Ave NE was found not breathing and unconscious.  CPR was successful and she was transported to NW Hospital.  Northshore and Shoreline Fire and Aid were at the scene.

TRAFFIC ACCIDENT, HIT & RUN:  A woman in the 17500 block of Ballinger Way NE reported a hit and run.  Another female born in the early 70’s left the scene driving southbound on Ballinger Way.  The younger female was taken into custody.

November 11

TRAFFIC ACCIDENT HIT & RUN:  A woman in the 16500 block of Bothell Way NE witnessed a hit and run in the area by the Sheridan Beach Apts.  The woman followed the hit and run suspects to the Walgreen’s Drug Store at 145th street.  Suspects were driving a green, Toyota Camry.  The suspects hit a Chevy Malibu. The woman thinks that the drivers may have switched seats in the green Toyota.  In other words, the actual driver who hit the Chevy Malibu may have become a passenger after the incident.

CIVIL:  A civil matter came to life in the 17000 block of 37th Ave NE between an estranged couple.  The woman asked the man to leave the house because he didn’t respect her boundaries.  She said he was going into locked bedrooms.  The parties were separated in different parts of house.  There is no physical history [domestic violence] between them.  There were no weapons involved and no had been drinking. Both people were arguing with each other as a 911 dispatcher was on the line.  The man said that the woman was the violent one.  She allegedly stabbed a pillow of his some time ago.  No crime happened, however, the police did leave a domestic violence form and pamphlet with the couple at the house.

DISTURBANCE:  A man and woman were at the Taco Bell at 14500 Bothell Way NE.  They were viewed pulling over and honking their horn.  The two had been arguing.  The officer had the two people safely park their car and gave them a courtesy ride to Mountlake Terrace.

TRAFFIC STOP:  A young man was stopped in the 16900 block of Bothell Way NE.  He was warned for racing with his buddy.  He said he was sorry and that he had a big case of lead foot. 


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