Gender Neutral Marriage Certificates, $6 Starbucks Coffee: Feedback Friday

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Gender Neutral Marriage Certificates Proposed by State

Spaces on a marriage certificate once reserved for a "bride" and "groom" will become more gender-neutral in light of same-sex marriage becoming legal on Dec. 6.


Mags Hughes: This is what I wrote to the Washington State department of health comments section: Hello,

I understand that there is a change coming to the marriage certificates in Washington State. I am super pleased that gay marriage is allowed in Washington state and I would never want two people to not be able to marry based on who they love, however, why the generic Spouse A or Spouse B? Why not make it Bride/Groom, Bride/Groom and allow what ever fits to be circled? It could be two brides, 2 grooms or one of each. 

Spouse A/B is NOT who they are, they are NOT married yet, they are about to be. A spouse is one who is already married. Keep it bride and groom, but add multiples of each to suit the couple being married.

Margaret Hughes (bride of 20 years to my groom John).

Anne M Cochez-Lind: I mind. I don't want to be a or b. how about bride and bride and groom and groom?

Angela Kuzior said she doesn't mind if wording is gender neutral: Not one bit. :)

WOW: Starbucks Selling Special Blend Of Coffee At $6 A Cup


Randy Small: If my numbers come up in tonight's Powerball I might give it a try. Otherwise, not for me!


Howard and Barbara Lee: I'm old enough to remember, barely, when Starbuck's started and people wondered who would pay $2.00 for a cup of coffee, and look what happend!

Kimberly Kentopp: Maybe this is what coffee is suppose to taste like ?? Hmmm

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