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Friends in the Shoreline Area: 

Many of you were once involved with a church--perhaps long ago in your youth--but frustration, doubt, or apathy prompted you to walk away. We are here to offer you a place where frustrations and doubts are welcomed. Where apathy gives way to passion. Where answers are gray, it's safe to question, and the pastor's role is less "dispenser of wisdom" and more "accommpanier on the journey." There is value in the search for meaning, but the search can only deepen when you invite others to be a part of it, when you stop treating it like a solo act--if you even bother to play the song at all.

Check it out: a pair of weekly ministry opportunities at Bethel Lutheran Church (17418 8th Ave NE, Shoreline) starting on Wednesday, September 26:

1:00 PM     Midday Meditation

6:30 PM     Text Messages

Maybe it's for you. Maybe it's not. But there's only one way to truly know.

Questions? Call the church (206-362-4334) or send off an email to pastor.ode@bethellutheranchurch.org 


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