Combative Drunk Person Injures Officer at Library

The following blotter items range from November 7, 2012 – November 9, 2012. Information on arrests is supplied by the Shoreline Police Department. The reports do not indicate a conviction.

On Thursday, November 8th at approximately 3:20 p.m. a drunken suspect was in a parked vehicle at The Shoreline Library (345 NE 175th Street) when he/she was approached by a police officer.  The drunken suspect was combative and assaulted the officer.  Someone was transported to the hospital for treatment after the altercation.

November 7

THREATS:  On the evening of November 6th, a woman in the 18300 block of 17th Place NW walked through her garage side door.  The next morning, at roughly 6:15 a.m. the woman found a black circle painted on the same door in the form of a frowning face and a threatening note stuck to the door jam with a knife.

AUTO THEFT:  A vehicle was stolen from the street nearby the 16500 block of Wallingford Avenue.

TRESPASS:  A store manager at Deseret Industrusties at 17935 Aurora Ave North called the police. The manager caught a man shoplifting and wanted the shoplifter and his two female friends trespassed from the store.  The triple troublemakers were under the influence of drugs when officers issued criminal trespassing admonishment citations to them.

BURGLARY, FORCED ENTRY:  A culprit broke a window to enter a home in the 19200 block of 15th Ave NE.  The culprit ransacked a bedroom and stole a few items. 

ASSAULT, FOURTH DEGREE:  Domestic violence happened in the 1500 block of NE 169th.  A juvenile assaulted his/her mother.  This incident report was taken at roughly 7:50pm.

VANDALISM:  An incident report was taken close to 8:25pm.  Three males were jaywalking (in the 1200 block of N 175th Street) when a vehicle honked at them.  The men decided to attack the vehicle that honked at them with their fists and feet.  Later, one man was located and charged via investigation.

WELFARE STATUS:  A man was found at the Aurora Village Transit Center (1500 block of N 200th Street) super high on heroin a few minutes after 11:00pm.  He was unable to take care of himself.

HIT and RUN:  Nearby the intersection of NW 205th Street and 3rd Ave NW a driver hit a sign and rock wall before fleeing the scene.  The car was unoccupied when the police arrived.  This happened around midnight.

November 8

ASSAULT, FOURTH DEGREE:  A suspect assaulted a woman, slashed her car tire and hit a parked car while fleeing the scene.  This happened at an apartment complex in the 17300 block of 12th Ave NE shortly after 2:00am.  The suspect was booked into Snohomish County Jail.

MENTAL COMPLAINTS:  A person diagnosed with bi-polar disorder was off his/her medication and had no sleep the previous night started a bit of chaos.  He/she was throwing rocks at cars and was seen walking in the street yelling at drivers and yelling at students inside Shorewood High School.  School resource officer Robert Bardsley reported the incident at approximately 3:45pm.

LARCENY:  A person stole DVDs from Costco at 1175 N 205th Street.

DRIVING WHILE LICENSE REVOKED:  Listed are two incidents involving drivers who have suspended licenses.

  • Person driving in the 1000 block of NE 175th Street
  • Person driving in the 17400 block of 15th Ave NE

November 9

SUSPICIOUS PERSON:  A homeowner nearby the intersection of North 149th Street and Corliss Avenue saw a very suspicious white male subject who appeared to be house prowling.  The homeowner advised the subject that he was on the homeowner’s property.

TRESPASS at DANK TANK:  A business owner pepper sprayed aggressive trespassers at 17028 Aurora Ave North. Dank Tank is a glass blowing business.

BURGLARY, FORCED ENTRY:  Suspect(s) kicked down a front door in the 1000 block of NE 93rd Street to steal jewelry from a private residence.

MORE DRIVING WHILE LICENSE REVOKED:  Listed are two more incidents involving drivers who have suspended licenses.

  • Person driving in the 16500 block of Aurora Ave N.
  • Person driving in the 14500 block of Aurora Ave N.

DISTURBANCE at SHORELINE MOTEL:  A man and woman at a Shoreline Motel in the 16500 block of Aurora Ave North were high on drugs and drunk when they had a falling out.  The man told police that the woman slapped him but it didn’t hurt and proceeded to throw a drink at him.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES:  A person was contacted by police officers as the person was sitting in a vehicle nearby a known drug house with an active narcotics activity report.  The person parked their car nearby the intersection of North 201st Street and Freemont Avenue in the middle of the night.  This incident report was filed close to 4:20am.


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